Hi, we are Vim and Az, two friends who live in London.

We got tired of sub-standard CAD apps and felt
we could do better, so we decided to build one ourselves - CADO™.

We may be geeks by nature, but are passionate about delivering solutions for everyday problems.

If you have any ideas bubbling away and are unsure of how to realise them, get in touch – we are happy to chat about what we have learnt in delivering great apps.

latest news

We believe in sharing knowledge about our developments and issues surrounding starting up a company. Your feedback helps us understand your needs and improve the quality of what we do. Check out our news page for the latest.

"our aim
is to design killer apps"

CADO™ on its way

We're about 70% of the way to completing our game changing 2D CAD App CADO™. Both beginner and professional users will love this CAD tool.
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To celebrate the launch of CADO™ , we are holding a lucky draw in which 10 people can win a copy.

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